NG platform

Integrate data

Create analytics

Deliver AI Insights

next gen data lake & Warehouse

The NorthGravity Platform provides a scalable container for holding raw unstructured and structured data through both our Platform and APIs that users can query across files, data, and versions with point-in-time views.

• DataFlow Automation • Full Cloud Data • Warehouse • Global Data Governance
Automated machine learning

AutoML is fully integrated within the NGP. Clients can run, test, and move advanced machining learning models to production in seconds.

• Pick an input dataset • Select what to forecast (target) • Run the AutoML • Receive the model’s output 
• Schedule or trigger the AutoML pipeline
75+ ready to go AI/ML Models

The NorthGravity Platform has built-in AI/ML models for commodities like Oil, Products, Gas, Metals, Power, Ag. Adding your models is also possible. (Python, R, Java, and other)  

• Audit trail  • BCP • Server-less • Cost Efficiency • Reusable building blocks • Scale & Collaboration • Test & Validate models
AI insights
Self service & Automation

We are empowering non-technical users to create automated analysis and reporting.