Analytics Platform

Scale the Automation of Data & Analytics Pipelines for Commodities

Utilize the 150+ pre-built tasks to collect data and build production AI/ML pipelines. You can add your own python and notebooks tasks to customize the pipelines. Production with scale in minutes!

Scale AI/ML

Replace brittle ETL processes
(extract-transform-load) with more flexible and consistent ELT pipelines (extract-load-transform).


Cloud Data Warehouse

Our cloud data warehouse provides increased flexibility, scale, redundancy and ease of use for both structured and unstructured data. Allowing any company to be a data company.

data flow automation

With dataflow, automation orchestrate thousands of pipelines with cleaner abstraction and modern integrations.

Global data Governance

self service insight

We are empowering non-technical users to create automated AI/ML analysis and reports.

We provide centralized access controls with detailed logs available for audits.