Python AI/ML Hands-on for Commodity Trading Webinar

April 9, 2021

The last week of March 2021 NorthGravity partnered with General Index to host a webinar proving an into to Python use of AI/ML for Commodity Trading with hand-on examples, with over 100 attendees representing over 20 countries. In the words of our host Ros "The future is here" and you can write your own AI today.

"It's great to see this level of excitement for Python use within Commodity Trading."
Damien Benschi, Head of Data Science at NorthGravity

The topics covered included:
  • Getting started
  • Accessing data & Features Engineering
  • Target selection
  • Model Live coding in Jupyter Notebook: (XGBoost, Neural Network...)
  • Training, Validation, & Tuning
  • Putting the Model into production
  • Q&A

The outcome was a sample notebook to get the participants started. We plan to have another webinar on this topic shortly.

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