We have partnered with General Index (GX)

April 9, 2021

General Index (GX) is the new alternative to traditional PRA commodity publishing. GX combines market expertise and leading technology underpinned by coded methodology in a new business model, providing fair access to key commodity price benchmark data.

"At NG (NorthGravity) we are excited to partner with a disruptive data provider, with impactful price data, GX price benchmark will help our clients gain deeper insights."
Travis Nadelhoffer - CEO at NorthGravity 

Data Overview

General Index is focussed on providing fair access to high quality commodity information. We provide both alternatives to existing benchmarks, and new benchmarks where we see the need for innovation and creativity. Our alternative benchmarks provide our clients with the opportunity to reduce their spend while maintaining existing market practices; our new benchmarks provide an opportunity to contract on indexes that have been designed and stress-tested to reflect market reality under a range of market conditions. datasets are available. For more information

Middle East crude. The Middle East Crude service includes a report with a mix of pricing, trades and exclusive industry information aimed at oil producers, equity holders, term lifters and oil traders. It can be used for price tracking, insight into official selling price expectations and other market information. Includes daily Dubai and Oman partials prices, released shortly after market close, and our in-depth analysis and full set of indexes released later in the day.

European refined products. GX publishes daily price indexes for the wholesale North West European and Mediterranean refined products markets. Certain refined product indexes are calculated through a volume-weighted average methodology, while others are calculated through an end-of-day assessment process.

Global Indexes. New benchmarks to solve the industry’s evolving pricing needs, Global Crude Index (GCX) provides a reliable benchmark for crude oil on a truly global basis, limiting the impact of localized factors in any one region.
For details of the data structure of our Price Indexes

The benefits of GX within NorthGravity
  • GX data blended into new and existing data and analytics
  • Full access to all aspects of the GX service, including PDFs, holiday calendar data, etc
  • Fair commercial terms allowing clients to buy the subscription modules
  • Robust price data provided by GX can be used in your ML models. Get control and ability to execute production analysis flawlessly
  • Seamless, instant connection between GX data and other time series available in NorthGravity.
  • No additional charges for getting GX data through NorthGravity. Broad licences enable clients to get maximum return on their investment in GX data.
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