ML in Oil and Gas in-person conference in Houston this month had 6 clear themes!

April 29, 2021

6 Themes @ ML in Oil & Gas Conference

This is 2021 and yes we were at an in-person conference in Houston this month!

The conference was well attended, with over 60 people in the room and over 350 people online. The room was abuzz with excitement as it was most attendees' first conference in over a year, along with enthusiasm for ML. There were some clear and constant themes surfacing throughout the conference.

6 Major themes from the Conference

  1. AI/ML is here: most companies are trying AI/ML projects but many have failed to produce the results.
  2. Data is king, without data there is no AI/ML.
  3. Top-down support and understanding are foundational for AI/ML success.
  4. A hybrid of data sciences and experience creates the most impactful models.
  5. Models need to be explainable, without this support will be hard to come by.
  6. Select a problem to solve that can produce value that exceeds the cost of the project.

"We have masks and are seated 6 feet plus apart. But it feels so good to talk and meet with other humans face to face in a work environment."
- Travis Nadelhoffer CEO of NorthGravity

It's clear that MLs impact on the Oil and Gas community is here and growing fast! Thank you to the team that set up this event. We are looking forward to the growth in ML and helping our clients take the lead.

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